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Опубликовано 2014-04-08 Опубликовано на SciPeople2014-04-20 08:01:10 ЖурналInternational J. of Healthcare and Biomedical Research

Role of image processing technology in healthcare sector: Review
Tayade MC , Wankhede SV , Bhamare SB , Sabale BB / Dr. motilal Tayade
Аннотация It is human vision limitation that we cannot see in volumes , even we cannot perceive variations in volumes of any image or images. With the advancement in technology it is now possible to count these volumes accurately with statistically proven results. Image processing is an any form of signal processing for which the input is an image, such as a photograph or video frame, the output of image processing may be either an image or a set of characteristics or parameters related to the image. The application of computer based technology in medical education system is being both the rewarding and challenging. The list number of disease can be interpreted using image processing technologies starting from 2D images upto complex four dimensional Doppler images. Two dimension images like x ray images like lung disorders tuberculosis, lung emphysema, pneumonia etc can easily collected and processed. The various bone disorders like cervical spondylosis, bony fractures, malignancies, subclinical bone material changes can be assess and processed. The use of 3D images from CT scan and MRI will be more challenging in treating and diagnosis diseases concern with Head and abdomen region. Contribution of image processing can be possible in disease prediction and as prognostic tool.
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