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Опубликовано 2014-06-05 Опубликовано на SciPeople2014-06-06 11:11:47 ОрганизацияNational Research University - Higher School of Economics

The Role of Big Business in the Formation of Public Policy Agenda in Sparsely Populated Regions of Russia
Pavel Kiparisov / Pavel Kiparisov
Аннотация This paper evaluates the impact of big business on the formation of public policy agenda and its contribution to territorial development of sparsely populated regions in Russia during economic crisis and post-crisis periods. The paper is devoted to specific problems of state-business relations and corporate social responsibility in regions with low density of population, particular attention is paid to Russian monocities (single-industry cities). The main hypothesis states that the governmental bodies and business form a single network. Analysis of fifty monocities and city-forming enterprises in sparsely populated regions has shown that in the majority of the cities local executive and in some cases legislative powers are very interwoven with a primary company, which causes on the one hand less transparency but on the other hand it increases mutual responsibilities. At the same time we acknowledge that corporate social responsibility promotion and its institualization aren’t the priority of Federal and Regional governments. The process doesn't hierarchically go from the top, but is actively developed at the local level. In the thesis sparsely populated regions are defined and sampled, the influence of low population density on different social, economic and mainly political parameters is studied. Case studies examine the role of oil company LUKOIL in the development of Kogalim (as a city-forming enterprise with one of the successful external strategy). A complex of corporate and governmental support decisions aimed at development of state-business relations for under-populated regions is suggested.

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