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Опубликовано 2014-07-00 Опубликовано на SciPeople2014-07-26 11:11:11

Принцип оптимального движения (полная версия)
Владимир Аркадиевич Резников / Владимир Резников
Аннотация This article is a practical conclusion of "hypothesis of the atomic (quantum) motion", registered on the site of intellectual protection: http://www.a-priority.ru/Priority/1estestv/1estestv_catalog.html registration number: A1B031 (project of the European Academy of Natural Sciences).Hypothesis of the atomic (quantum) motion refers to the section of physics: “Classical mechanics”. This is hypothesis of discreteness of mechanical motion. It represents a new, more profound approach to the second law of Newton. In brief about the hypothesis: the velocity of a body, moving under the influence of the force, grows not continuously in time, but discretely (quantums); the cause of inertia of the body is its own gravitational field, because the inertial mass of a body is proportional to the mass gravity. Not yet reacted own gravitational field of a body to the action of force , body velocity will not change; the quant of the motion is the process of reaction of the own gravitational field of a body to the action of the force. This process is periodical and accompanied elementary deformation of a body (reaction gravitational field of a body) and subsequent redeformation of a body in the direction of travel (after reaction of the field). Thus, the mechanism of body motion under the action of the force is a collection of very small deformations and redeformations of a body. It reminds motion of the caterpillar. If force, that acts on the body, grows with velocity of reaction of the own gravity field of a body, then the quantum of the motion of this body will be most effective. It is a practical conclusion from the hypothesis, which built on the “Principle of optimal motion”, - the alleged use of the hypothesis: for each mass of the various moving objects (people, vehicles, industrial equipment during switching on, alternating current - as the mass of the electrons, and so on) there its optimal (effective) acceleration, that allows to increase efficiency of motion. In this article there experimental verification of the hypothesis.

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