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Страницы7 - 7 Опубликовано 2014-06-30 Опубликовано на SciPeople2014-09-30 18:29:36 ЖурналTHE RUSSIAN ACADEMIC JOURNAL

Alexey Fedorov / Alexey Fedorov
Аннотация The world became a multipolar. Regardless of progression of events in Ukraine in future, it developed that the world would never again be unipolar, habitual, with established institutions. The world has changed, and changed with impossible speed. In the estimation of analysts, in 2014 China will overhaul the USA and become the first economy of the world (purchasing power parity). And all of this creates conditions for beginning of a new, fairer peace order distributing the benefits not only among Western countries but among all countries of the world. Confrontation in Ukraine is not the conflict of Russia with Ukrainian nationalists; this is a conflict past and future. The USA is aspiring to hold the global order under their control, but lots do not want to accept such situation ant more. Russia is going for a rise, perfectly understanding that all not-Western world is monitoring the fight. Everybody have an eye out for Akella to miss, and the world is expecting commitment to Asia. Just there economic development, political developments and predicted wars will take place. Asian scientific center (China, Japan, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Korea, etc.) are sprouting like mushrooms after the summer rains. And one should make use of it. Yes, German tools are functioning for ages and Chinese only for four years, but with such price, and the speed of technological process there is no economic sense to buy German tools. And this applies practically to everything. The top companies to a greater extent are focusing on East, even in our institute the number of scientists from India, Afghanistan, and China is growing, but the number of European scientists is reducing. This day, those who the first will come to Asian markets, will achieve victory in business. And one should do it in innovative segments integrated with the Internet. About six billions people live in not-Western world, but only some of them have got bank accounts. But almost all of these people already have access to the World Wide Web, and are ready to consume and pay in the network. The course of Russia on international trade in Rubles and other national currencies is not a fantasy of Russian authorities but the world trend resounding by G20 countries. Appearance of new supra-national currencies such as “Euro-Asian Ruble” (altyn), Ruan (the integrated currency on the basis of Ruble and Yuan) is under active discussion and their adoption is a matter of time. Dollar has died. Those who failed to understand – they are consigning to the rubbish bin of history. The matter is what the destroying monetary hegemon will burn under its brash? Will it be only the Euro - Atlantic world or the whole planet? This is a rhetorical question. But we hope that by the time dollar decline all settlements, reserves and obligations will be nominated in any other world currency. But turning to the subject of Ukraine, I would like to note that our scenario concerning Crimea, carving up the former Ukraine and Chinese participation came true. Crimea is a part of the Russian Federation; no armed forces moved on. The West imposed symbolical sanctions, and Chinese are starting construction of passage from Kuban to Kerch. What next, I wonder? It is difficult to predict, but one thing is obvious – Russia has broken the world order which dominated by default for the last twenty three years, and turned on heels to Asia, turning back on Atlantic. Business ought to draw attention to this for to be in trend. In the modern world no country or country group will ab able to isolate such state as Russia. Closing for our country American and European markets, the USA is opening for themselves the European market for to suck dry its allies, but simultaneously opening for Russian business the rest of the world. Think globally! To think locally in the changed world is the deepest sin.
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