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Опубликовано 2014-01-01 Опубликовано на SciPeople2015-01-21 00:47:41 ЖурналSociology of Education

Educational Time Budget of contemporary school students
Ekaterina Chmykhova; Denis Davydov; Tatiana Lavrova / Денис Давыдов
Аннотация This paper aims to examine the Student’s time Budget in Russia, find an interrelation with social characteristics of students and evaluate the dynamics. 2791 school students (10-17 y.o.) were involved as respondents. Data were collected using a specific questionnaire. It was found that the Time Budget of contemporary students has increased over the last fifteen years. Therefore, the student workload is higher than permitted by the national law. This may be the result of outdated curriculum and teaching technologies. School load particularly increases in senior school (9-11 years of training). Students at special schools (for children with various diseases) have bigger burden of all kinds of educational activities. Students in countryside and small towns schools spend more time to study, especially for self-training. The study provides evidence that female students have a higher training burden than male students. The findings indicate that extensive scenario of school education should be replaced by more efficient, including the use of innovative educational technologies.
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