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Опубликовано 2014-11-21 Опубликовано на SciPeople2015-07-01 11:45:51 ЖурналThe Russian Academic Journal

Tendencies and Features of the Formation of Food Security in the Ukraine
Yevhenii Kharlan Tendencies and Features of the Formation of Food Security in the Ukraine // The Russian Academic Journal, Vol. 29, Issue 3, 2014, pp. 0-0
Аннотация Goal of the study is to identify the trends and characteristics of the formation of food security in the territory of Ukraine. In the article
the essential meaning of food security, described the key indicators which are offered which make advisable to assess the level of food
security. Indicators of food security of Ukraine are determined according to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of
05.12.2007 ? 1379 “Some questions of food security,” which defined level of indicator sufficiency of food consumption, represented
regions with the incision consumption of main types of food in 2012, made calculation the dependence on imports of food groups. The
main factors that affect the state of the agro-industrial sector and the level of food security in Ukraine are determined. It is concluded
that the Concept of food security should cover satisfaction the physiological needs of the population in a protected, multifunctional,
high quality food products in accordance to the medical advice, environmental conditions and individual human condition.
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