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Of 6360 Metropolıtan Law Announcement in Rural Perceptıon And Expectatıons
Dilek Durak Of 6360 Metropolıtan Law Announcement in Rural Perceptıon And Expectatıons // The Russian Academic Journal, Vol. 31, Issue 1, 2015, pp. 0-0
Аннотация As in all the world’s local management has gained importance in Turkey and made various regulations. In 2012 In Turkey, a law for giving the
different dimension to local governments and for the purpose of effective management by using scarce resources more effectively and efficiently
was adopted along with a metropolitan law still in force, it was also intended to provide the municipality to be looked at as a professional company.
For this purpose, Municipal Law No. 5393 has been issued in 2005 with the strategic plan preparation, making the work program introduced
to measure the performance of municipal activities and staff. However, metropolitan municipalities and facilitated conditions have created the
expectation that many have of the metropolitan city. The latest arrangement with a population of 750,000 people in the metropolitan cities
and metropolitan boundaries had been extended to the province creating increased areas of responsibility of metropolitan municipality. Law
5216, introduced for the first time in Istanbul and Kocaeli, was extended to the metropolitan municipalities borders provincial territory, the new
metropolitan arrangement (Law No.6360) is designated for other twenty-eight Metropolitan Municipality borders in the provincial territorial
limits. Thus, service areas for Metropolitan Municipalities and responsibilities has increased with the expansion of the jurisdiction., Law No.
6360 expanding service areas along the boundaries of metropolitan municipalities, especially in the law brought to administrative units, return
to the neighborhood villages losing their legal personality with the expansion of liability are discussed in our Papers. As a result, the problem
for the solution of problems considered in accordance with the development of better methods of detecting was discussed; perception analysis,
identifying issues around measuring the perception of stakeholders on the necessity of living was made. Especially in public such an important
arrangement became not a major issue in terms of democracy and was not sufficiently recognized by the public; this study is dealing with the
perception, discussion and expectations to be met, the need to have enacted participatory processes being run was also mentioned; public urban,
rural, social, economic ethnic, relaxation and all the expectations of the cultural polyphony have been considered, power relations and political
and important ethnic assumption have been analyzed. Management restructuring efforts and the outcomes of the new version with the province
in Law No. 6360 brought by the administrative, legal and financial differences and the explanation given room for innovation as well as the
metropolitan areas of management and models are investigated. Definition of the relevant article of the law, on the basis of the settlement of
territorial management transition, the abolition of the municipal town, subsidiarity, autonomy, efficiency and delivery of services, guardianship,
was introduced to cover implemented or empirical research results and sustainability.

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