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Опубликовано 2014-12-10 Опубликовано на SciPeople2015-08-07 21:27:24 ЖурналTransport Problems

Importance of economics education for increasing mobility of railway specialists
О.А. Никифоров / Олег Никифоров
Transport Problems.-2014.-Volume9.-Issue 4.-P.105-119
Аннотация Reform of railway transport of Russia creates essentially new conditions of economic activity, imposes additional requirements to the experts working in branch, including to graduates of establishments of professional education. Degree of responsibility immeasurably increases in these conditions made by heads of any link of the railroad of decisions, their efficiency and expediency. Reform of JSC RZhD testifies to aspiration of campaign to activities for the European standards, eurointegration processes. In this article one of real steps to achievement of this purpose - realization of an educational program of additional professional retraining "Innovative management" ("Engineering business") is considered. In article the comparative analysis of education systems in Russia and the leading countries of the world is given, the main tendencies in development of world and domestic education, system of professional education in Russia and abroad, the purposes of implementation of the innovative program, the contents, personnel structure of teachers, indicators of the end result for subjects and objects of the program, its novelty are analysed. The problems which have arisen during implementation of the program are designated. Forms and methods of the solution of these problems are recommended.

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