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Опубликовано 2016-09-18 Опубликовано на SciPeople2016-09-18 14:33:36

Vision of the Future and Values of University students
Talanov S. L., Baburkin S.A., Lymarev A. V. / Сергей Таланов
Talanov S. L., Baburkin S.A., Lymarev A. V. Vision of the Future and Values of University students // European Journal of Natural History. 2016 № 6.
Аннотация The authors observe the features of ideas about the future and life values of a number of students of the Central Federal District universities. It was found out that a significant part of the students have positive, but fragmented ideas about their future. In addition, most of the students are inherent in crisis of personal and group identity, that means they do not know what they want and do not structure their lives. When projecting their future students are mostly standing on the paternalistic positions. Sex differences are revealed. In particular, it is noted that values such as family, health, love are more common for girls. The values of young men are associated with well-paid job and career. On the other hand, some similarities in the life values of young people are indicated, such as education and material well-being. The career and job are terminal values for the boys, and, at the same time, are instrumental values for girls. Authors made the conclusion that the acceleration of the social process involves the students in assimilating new values, and it requires developing new methods of influence on the person and applying new technologies in the learning process. Accordingly, it is important to create new educational programs, textbooks and methodological researches.
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