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Опубликовано 2013-05-01 Опубликовано на SciPeople2017-06-15 07:07:41 ЖурналOntogenez

Development of the habenulointerpeduncular tract in rats
Klepukov AA, Makarenko IG / Алексей Клепуков
Аннотация Development of the habenulointerpeduncular tract has been carried out on fixed brain preparations obtained from 21 day rat embryos and from neonatal animals on the 0 and 9 days of postnatal development by diffusion oflipophilic fluorescent carbocyanine dye DiI (1,1'-dioctadecyl-3,3,3',3'-tetramethylindocarbocyanine perchlorate) through neuron membranes. The marker was introduced into the nuclei of the habenula, the interpeduncular nucleus, and into the area of raphe nuclei. Neurons and fibers that contained Dil were identified on vibratome sections by fluorescent and confocal microscopy. we have found that reciprocal links between the lateral habenula nucleus and raphe nuclei are formed in the prenatal period by stage E21. Raphe nuclei innervating neurons were located in dorso- and ventrocaudal parts of the lateral habenula nucleus. Projections of the medial habenula nucleus onto interpeduncular nucleus were found only in the postnatal P2 period. Neurons that provide a source of these projections form characteristic assemblies inside the medial habenula nucleus. Therefore, the present study for the first time describes heterogenic formation of different projection systems that are involved in the habenulointerpeduncular tract of rats at perinatal ontogenesis.
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