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Страницы31 - 52 Опубликовано 2017-07-07 Опубликовано на SciPeople2017-07-07 16:11:32 ЖурналSocial Evolution & History

Mega-History and the Twenty-First Century Singularity Puzzle
Nazaretyan, Akop P. / Елена Еманова
Аннотация A series of calculations carried out independently by the Australian, Russian, and American researchers have demonstrated that a crucial global polyfurcation is expected somewhere near the middle of the twenty-first century. This result is drawn by extrapolating into the future the logarithmic acceleration law, which involves the phase transitions in the evolution of biosphere and anthroposphere. The paper investigates the palliatives of the planetary civilization beyond the big evolutionary Singularity in the context of Mega-history and complexity theory worldviews. It gives a universal ground to the mathematical deduction and besides, helps involve some recent discoveries in psychology and cultural anthropology to tracing the forecasted attractors and scenarios. The destiny of the Earth (as well as of any other planetary) civilization may conclusively depend on whether or not the intellectual actor succeeds in developing the inner regulation to balance the potentially unlimited developments in technological power. Particularly, this includes overcoming the macro-group identi-ties, religious and quasi-religious ideologies, which always suggest a friend-or-foe discrimination matrix.
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