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Опубликовано 2018-02-07 Опубликовано на SciPeople2018-02-07 21:31:21 ЖурналРазвитие науки ХХ1 века, НИЦ, Харьков ,2018

. Methodological approach to “particles” in English.
Alpatova S.D.. Methodological approach to “particles” in English Развитие науки ХХ1 века, НИЦ, Харьков ,2018
Аннотация The paper looks into different methods of analyzing “particles”, and their “weight”in syntactic as well as semantic quality of the phrases they are in. Linguistics knows a lot of ways to look into inner forms of words, even into the so- called “particles”. The current analysis is based on interpretive and cognitive approaches that can be useful to see the implicit assumption that is embedded within the mental maps or frames of norms and values of the units in question.

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