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Опубликовано 2018-05-05 Опубликовано на SciPeople2018-05-05 12:31:22 ЖурналEuropean Journal of Natural History.

Behavior in the credit sphere: on the Example of Students
Таланов Сергей Львович, Гаджибабаева Александра Александровна / Сергей Таланов
Talanov S. L., Gadzhibabaeva A. A. Behavior in the credit sphere: on the Example of Students // European Journal of Natural History. 2018. №
Аннотация Annotation. The authors analyze models of behavior in the credit sphere among students. It is established that a credit for a significant part of students is not a daily practice, but merely an instrument of solving a certain problem (to pay for education, to purchase something, etc.). Female students are more likely go for informal lending than young men who prefer to use formal lending. A significant number of students, regardless to their gender differences, plan to use formal lending to solve the housing problem after finishing their education. Formal lending is not the lifestyle for most of the students due to a number of circumstances: high bank requirements when requesting a large monetary loan, financial illiteracy, high risks, etc. In addition, it is established that the higher the level of well-being of the student's family, the more often and more willingly he or she goes for formal lending. In conclusion, the authors consider the prospects for the development of formal lending among students.
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