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Опубликовано 2021-10-05 Опубликовано на SciPeople2021-10-05 09:05:27

The Three Worlds of Man's Private Existence and the Fairway of the Future Development of Philosophy
Аннотация The theory of vortex (ring) determinism strictly fixes the fact of the division of the human world into three components: the inner world, the outer world and the world of their close interaction. The three main branches of the development of modern philosophy correspond to this division. The three worlds of the great Kant with his "things in themselves", phenomena and "noumens" also follow from here. The task of the new doctrine of synthesizing realism is to synthesize all three philosophical approaches and trends together into a whole doctrine of the human world. The previously emphasized scientific discipline, diocosmosics, requires illumination of each of the three worlds from two sides: from the inside of the human world and from the outside. As a result, serious science faces the need to present six (!) different approaches to describing the world, carefully comparing and stitching them together in a single synthesis.

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