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Опубликовано 2021-11-22 Опубликовано на SciPeople2021-11-22 10:16:39

The World of a Person's Private Existence in the External Environment: the View from the Outside
Аннотация The study of the world of a person's private being in the external environment has begun from the outer zone, from the border of the mastered and known world. Synthesizing realism allows us to make a number of critical remarks about the methodology of the modern development of theoretical physics, warn physicists against falling into a number of erroneous and dangerous trends. Two counter movements are identified in the zone of interaction of the inner and outer worlds: the penetration of the outer world into the area of the inner, the adaptive influence of external nature on the adaptive development of man and the expansion of man into the nearest natural environment, subordinating his impact on the objective world of his habitat zone. It is investigated in what form a person appears according to the results of his external transformative activity from the position of an external observer. The special role of the field of central forces and the inverse square law in human habitable space is emphasized. The law of egocentric concentration is formulated. The ontological roots of anthropocentrism are clarified. Ethnic features in the anthropocentric picture of the world are noted. Plato's observation about the three most important principles in the private existence of man is confirmed. The methodological principle of multifaceted (polyhedral) monism is opposed to the unbridled cognitive relativism of the postmodern era.

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