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Опубликовано 2023-00-00 Опубликовано на SciPeople2024-01-19 08:13:14 ЖурналMarine Pollution Bulletin

Mercury geochemistry of marine sediments from the eastern Laptev Sea
Kim D.V., Sattarova V.V., Aksentov K.I., Lopatnikov E.A., Ivanov M.V., Alatortsev A.V., Melgunov M.S. / Валентина Саттарова
2023. V. 187, Art. no. 114576
Аннотация Twenty-seven sediment samples from the eastern Laptev Sea were analyzed for mercury and total organic carbon as well as grain-size distribution. The average total mercury (THg) concentrations in sediments are 29±14 µg kg-1. A significant correlation of THg content with total organic carbon and clay and silt fractions was shown. The 210Pb-dated sediment core was used to evaluate the contamination degree and flux ratios of Hg in sediments from the eastern Laptev Sea. The average sedimentation rate for the all dated intervals was 0.17 cm/year. The THg flux increased from 20-28 µg/m2/year in the period of 1892-1950 to 53-59 µg/m2/year in the modern period of 2011-2015. According to various indices, the ecological risk from THg in studied sediment was low.
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