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Опубликовано 2004-03-24 Опубликовано на SciPeople2009-03-24 19:39:55 ЖурналScientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences for the Study and Preservation of Cultural and Natural Heritage

Modernization of the Empire. Social and cultural aspects of modernization processes in Russia
Gavrov Sergey Nazipovich / Sergey Gavrov
Book; Russian Moskva: URSS, 2004. ISBN: 5354009154 9785354009152
Аннотация The process of Russian modernization as alternation of imperial and liberal models of modernization is considered in a monograph, in which an imperial model is a dominant, and liberal only additional, compensative. Nasha a historical misfortune consists in that Russian modernization is instrumental in not so much included of Russia in modernity, how many to strengthening of feodal'no-imperskikh grounds of the kul'turno-civilizacionnoy system. Modernization in the name strengthening of empire results in the redistribution of vital energy of man from the sphere of daily occurence in a sphere society or religious megaproektov, creates the world, where a man is the improvised mean only, and strengthening of empire is a great purpose. Whether it is possible to tear this vicious circle, show a country out of imperial track, to tear an umbilical cord, relating it with an impersko-feodal'nym legacy, and to release a man from service Empire, to Due and Power – here that circle of questions, on which we try to answer in this book. A book is intended for kul'turologov, historians, sociologists, all those, who is interested in the processes of Russian modernization.
 9785354009152_S_N_Gavrov_Modernization of the Empire. Social and cultural aspects of modernization processes in Russia.doc   2,2 Mb
 Gavrov Sergey La culture nationale et de la modernisation de la société.pdf   323,5 Kb
 Sergey Gavrov Modernization of the Russian Empire. Social and cultural aspects of modernization processes in Russia.doc   757,5 Kb
 Sergey Gavrov Actualizar para el bien del imperio. Aspectos sociales y culturales de los procesos de modernización en Rusia.doc   935,5 Kb
 Sergey Gavrov Modernizácia ve jménu císárstva. Sociálne a kultúrne aspekty modernizácie procesov v Rusku.doc   990,5 Kb
 Sergey Gavrov Modernizacja w imieniu imperium. Społeczno-kulturowych aspektów modernizacji procesów w Rosji..doc   1 Mb
 Sergey Gavrov Modernisierung, die im Namen des Reiches. Soziokulturelle.pdf   1,2 Mb
 Sergey Gavrov Modernização em nome do Império. Aspectos sociais e culturais dos processos de modernização na Rússia. Мonografia..doc   593 Kb
 Gavrov Sergey 加夫罗谢尔盖现代化帝国的名称。社会和俄罗斯文化方面的现代化进程。- 米:编辑天台.doc   344,5 Kb
 Sergey Gavrov 加夫罗谢尔盖现代化帝国的名称。社会和俄罗斯文化方面的现代化进程。- 米:编辑天台.pdf   1,4 Mb
 Gavrov-Sergey-Paggawa-Ng-Makabago-Sa-Pangalan-Ng-Imperyo-Panlipunan-at-Kultural-Ng-Aspeto-Ng-Proseso-Ng-Paggawa-Ng-Makabago-Sa-Rusya-Monograp.pdf   860,2 Kb
 Sergey Gavrovسرگئی نوین امپراتوری. اجتماعی و جنبه های فرهنگی ، فرآیندهای مدرنیزاسیون در روسیه است.pdf   1,1 Mb


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