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Опубликовано 2000-02-21 Опубликовано на SciPeople2009-05-21 19:47:49 ЖурналPhysiol. Chem. Phys. & Med. NMR

Evidence of a New Type of Protein-Protein Interaction: Desensitized Actomyosin Blocks Ca2+-Sensitivity of the Natural One. A Possible Model for an Intracellular Signalling System Related to Actin Filaments
32: 167-178
Аннотация Actin filaments are certainly believed to function as an intracellular signalling system; however, this is not confirmed by direct evidence. We used a two-layer actomyosin gel with a concen tration gradient of the troponin-tropomyosin complex (TT-complex, Ca2+-sensitive system) between the two layers. To prepare one layer of the system, natural actomyosin (nАМ) rich in TT-complex was used. To prepare the second layer, we used desensitized actomyosin (dAM) without the complex. All experimental studies were made in medium with a low ionic strength. Two phenomena were ob served: (1) dAM blocks Ca2+-sensitivity of nAM when the dAM weight portion in the system (as well as in mixed nAM+dAM suspension) reaches 40% and more; further increase of the dAM portion does not affect the Ca2+-sensitivity; (2) it was electrophoretically shown that a rapid diffusion of the TT-complex from nAM gel into the dAM gel took place. The apparent diffusion coefficient for the TT-complex in dAM gel is about (1-4)·10-4 cm2/sec, i.e. three orders higher than the same values for pro tein diffusion in water.
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