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Опубликовано 2005-09-08 Опубликовано на SciPeople2009-11-21 09:33:59 ЖурналPure and Applied Chemistry

Postgenomic chemistry (IUPAC Technical Report)
Varfolomeev S., Efremenko E., Beletskaya I., Bertini I., Blackburn G., Bogdanov A., Cunin R., Eichler J., Galaev I., Gladyshev V., O’Hagan D., Haertle T., Jarv J., Karyakin A., Kurochkin I., Mikolajczyk M., Poroikov V., Sakharov I., Spener F., Voyer N., Wild J. / Vladimir Poroikov
Pure and Applied Chemistry, 2005, 77 (9), 1641-1654.
Аннотация The identification of the most promising areas of chemistry that use genomic information is discussed. Attention is paid mainly to perspectives of development of novel trends in chemistry in the postgenomic era. Among these are: combinatorial approaches to the development of organic chemistry; management of biosynthesis by selected ligands; development of artificial proteins containing unnatural amino acids and proteins including trace elements; creation of and research on new types of enzymes; use of achievements of postgenomic chemistry for drug design; identification of lipid networks and global characterization of lipid molecular species; development of recombinant and self-proliferating polymers; and approaches to the development of food chemistry and bioanalytical chemistry based on new nanoanalytical systems and novel recognition elements.
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