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Опубликовано 2008-00-00 Опубликовано на SciPeople2010-03-14 16:45:33 ЖурналWiener Slawistischer Almanach

К вопросу о связи лексических и грамматических показателей эвиденциальности в болгарском языке
М.М. Макарцев / Максим Макарцев
Wiemer, B. und V.A. Plungjan (Hg.). Lexikalixche Evidenzialitäts-Marker in Slavischen Sprachen (Wiener Slawistischer Almanach. Sonderband 72). München - Wien 2008. S. 239-284.
Аннотация In the article the link between some Bulgarian evidential lexemes and grammatical evidentials is shown. A classification for evidential lexemes is made. I dwell upon the verb "kazvam/kazha" and the particles "kaj" and "maj" in different contexts. The analysis is based on Kehayov’s division of analytic and holistic reading. Using direct or indirect evidentials after "kazvam/kazha" depends on the speaker’s intention and on the time plan of the narration as well. When used together with the verb, the grammatical evidentials can change their meaning from purely reportive to epistemic, and here both analytic and holistic reading are possible. "Kaj" is reportive and non-obligatory. When used together with grammatical evidentials, "kaj" takes the quotative/reportive part of the meaning and in the evidentials epistemicity becomes the primary meaning. "Maj" interiorise the information, but besides that it veils the speakers’s postion, which can be compared with the specific Balkan tendence to avoid determination. An interesting case of ‘double renarration’ (‘X said, that Y said, that p’) is also analysed. In Bulgarian it has some special peculiarities which were not previously studied. As far as the grammar evidentials together with the evidential lexemes can express epistemicity, one has to agree, that the link between the lexemes and the evidentials should be analysed with the help of the semiotic term “multiple reading”. Thus we speak not about some straight grammar rules but more likely about nuances and tendencies.


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