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Course Titled: Environmental Problems and Sustainability
Аннотация Course Titled: Environmental Problems and Sustainability. http://scipeople.com/publication/70030/; Lecturer: Serguei Ostroumov (Dr. Sergei A. Ostroumov) Institution: Moscow State University Country: Russia Site: http://web.ceu.hu/crc/Syllabi/alumni/envsci/ostroumov.html The course is intended to show the problems of the modern environment and importance of the fundamental concept of sustainable development. It is important to make a point in stressing the role of science in finding the solutions. The course is intended for the university students mainly of the 2nd and 3rd years of education but can be adapted for students of other years as well. The course can be included in the program of education of the students majoring in both science and humanities. The lecture course can be supplemented by the assignment of writing a course work on any relevant topic mentioned in the course. The course work can be focused on a scientific aspect of environmental change or on environmental law or on implementing environmental law and agreements. The course is structured into 9 blocks that are labeled below as 'parts'. Because the parts are of unequal size, they do not coincide with the division into lectures.


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