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Опубликовано 2009-12-20 Опубликовано на SciPeople2010-05-06 23:30:13 ЖурналSlovensky Kras, Acta Carsologica Slovaca

Master and visitors of the cave Ostantsevaya (Sakhalin Island, Russian Far East)
I. Kirillova, N. Zelenkov, A. Tesakov / Никита Зеленков
Slovensky Kras. Acta Carsologica Slovaca. 2009. V. 47(1): 57-66.
Аннотация The Ostantsevaya Cave (Sakhalin Island, Russian Far East) yielded rich and diverse vertebrate fauna of Late Glacial through Holocene time. The bone assemblage is dominated by remains of brown bear and hare, reindeer and snow sheep. The fauna for the first time documented the presence on Sakhalin of several mammal forms including cave lion, steppe ferret, collared lemming, and ground squirrel. The origin of the bone accumulation in the site is mainly due to natural factors, such as predators and fluvial activity, but the Early Man was also undoubtedly involved in this process. Brown bear was the most important bone-accumulating agent throughout the investigated history of the cave.
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