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Опубликовано 2009-09-15 Опубликовано на SciPeople2010-09-02 07:11:41 ЖурналМировая экономика и социум: от кризиса до кризиса: Материалы международной научно-практи-ческой конференции (15 сентября 2009 г.)- в 3-х частях. – ч. 1./Отв. ред. Л. А. Тягунова. – Саратов: Издательство ИЦ «Наука», 2009, с. 3 – 7

The economic impact of cluster on competitiveness and innova-tion of a region as priority direc-tion of the national economy development
Леонова Ю. А., Авербух Е. А., Иванов С. А. / Julia Leonova
Аннотация A cluster approach is becoming increasingly recognized as a valuable tool to foster social-economic development. The increasing interest in clusters is only one aspect of a broader re-orientation of research and economic policy towards the microeconomic foundations of prosperity and growth. The economic policy debate had in previous decades been to a large degree dominated by macroeconomics and the creation of market institutions in transition economies. But while there is now fairly broad consensus on the type of macroeconomic and legal conditions necessary to achieve economic progress, it is also increasingly becoming clear that these conditions are not sufficient. As a new approach to help economies reap the full potential of an improved macroeconomic and legal context cluster-based efforts have received a lot attention.
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