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Опубликовано 2010-03-17 Опубликовано на SciPeople2010-09-08 11:24:55 ЖурналAPS physics

Magnetoelectric characterization of magnetostrictive-piezoelectric semi-ring structure
V.M. Petrov, I.N. Soloviev, Ning Zhang, G. Srinivasan / Иван Соловьев
Аннотация Resonant modes and magnetoelectric (ME) performance of piezoelectric semi-ring with magnetostrictive insert are considered. The magnetostrictive rod is supposed to match the diameter of the semi-ring. The ac magnetic field is applied along the rod so that demagnetizing effects are minimized. The output voltage is induced in the radial direction of the piezoelectric semi-ring. Using such a structure enables effective transfer of mechanical strain and strong ME coupling. Theoretical modeling of resonant modes for in-plane bending vibration in the semi-ring was applied to PZT ring and Terfenol-D rod. The estimates agree with measured values of 70 V/(cm$\cdot $Oe). Such semi-ring ME structures are useful for magnetic field sensor applications.
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