Igor Lutsenko

Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Electronic Devices    /    Украина, Krivoy Rog

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Igor Lutsenko Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Department of Electronic Devices Kremenchug national unіversitet them. M. Ostrogradskii Str. Day, 20, Kremenchug, Ukraine, 39600 E–mail: delo–do@i.ua http://orcid.org/0000–0002–1959–4684


Definition of efficiency indicator and study of its main function as an optimization criterion

Lutsenko I.
Increase of business development’s rates is closely connected with a possibility of the perceived and objective choice of the best way of a scenario among many possible alternatives. A necessary condition of such development is value increase of operational process output products in...

Optimal control of systems engineering. Development of a general structure of the technological conversion subsystem (Part 2)

I. Lutsenko
Currently, the increase in financial returns from economic operations is constrained in view of the lack of a single efficiency criterion, which allows uniquely identify the business operation by their main feature - the possibility of obtaining the maximum value added (profit). One of the main...

Identification of target system operation. Development of global efficiency criterion of target operation

I. Lutsenko
Guaranteed maximization of financial returns from economic structures is only possible if all of its systems are focused on selecting target operations with maximum efficiency. Is it possible? Any system is created to enhance the value of output products of the system operation. Thus, two...
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Теория и практика использования формулы эффективности

Вопросы принятия решений при осуществлении операций должны опираться на кибернетический показатель, указывающий на кратчайший путь к достижению цели. Целью проекта является интегрирование опыта оценки операций в...

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