Pruthviraj Vijaysinha Mohite

Ph.D. Organic/Inorganic Chemistry, Sr Researcher    /    Индия, Pune


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Dr Pruthviraj Vijaysinha Mohite Ashutosh S .No 59, Tarawade Wasti Mohammadwadi Road, Hadapsar Pune (MS) 411060
Дом. телефон: 91-8411070192
I have obtained my Ph.D on January 18th 2013 under the supervision of Professor Roberto Paolesse at Dept. of Chemical Science and Technologies, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Italy. The research work was in collaboration at “Louisiana State University” United States for characterization of X-ray crystallographic structures of compounds. Acquired knowledge of Organic synthesis, Inorganic and Medicinal chemistry has given me high level of experimental and analytical skills etc. Published research papers in American chemical society journal.

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“Synthesis and investigation of regioselectively functionalized novel Corroles.”

Pruthviraj Mohite
The research work portrays a concise account on, Amination reaction on copper aryl corrole. The first step of this work is related to the modification of a synthetic protocol for preparation of the β-substituted nitrocorroles. In the second step this β-substituted nitrocorroles were reacted...
UV, NMR, Crystallographic structure, Maldi Tof etc.