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Influence of polar groups in binary polymer blends on positronium formation

P Ramya, P Guagliardo, T Pasang, C Ranganathaiah, S Samarin and J F Williams
The present work studied the role of the polar group unconjugated oxygen on the inhibition of positronium (Ps) formation in two binary blends made from a set of chosen constituent polymers with polar and weakly polar groups (nonpolar). The polymer blend samples of PVC-EVA and PVC-SAN were...

Experimental determination of interface widths in binary polymer blends from free volume measurement

P. Ramya, C Ranganathaiah and J.F.Williams
Interfaces in binary polymer blends play a pivotal role in moulding their physical properties. We observe a diffused interface in immiscible and partially miscible binary polymer blends for which the methods of preparation characterize the interface widths. The interface widths for three binary...

A New Insight Into Interface Widths In Binary Polymer Blends Based On Ortho-Positronium Lifetime Studies

P Ramya and C Ranganathaiah
The interface widths in two immiscible polymer blend (PVC/PS) and PVC/EVA are determined experimentally using hydrodynamic interaction approach through free volume measurement by Positron Annihilation Lifetime Spectroscopy (PALS). For comparison, the same study is performed in a miscible blend...


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Research Fellowship for Meritorious Students by UGC New Delhi (2010)