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Formation of the Chemical Composition of Underground Waters of the Khibiny Mountain Range (On the Example of One Water Intake)

Vladimir A. Masloboev, Vladimir I. Pozhilenko, Sergey S. Sandimirov, Svetlana V. Drogobuzhskaya, Stanislav V. Ivanov, Anton V. Gudkov, Pavel S. Tereshchenko, Svetlana I. Mazukhina
Pollution of water bodies—sources of drinking water supply, an important factor negatively affecting the health of the population. It is known, that in the settlements of the Murmansk region there was no excess of sanitary hygienic standards for drinking water. The main task of the presented...

Modeling: The New Prospects of Studying Biological Systems as Illustrated by the Human Stomach

Svetlana I. Mazukhina, Konstantin V. Chudnenko, Pavel S. Tereshchenko, Svetlana V. Drogobuzhskaya, Stanislav V. Ivanov
Thermodynamic modeling was undertaken of the interactions between gastric juice and the mineral water sampled from the Marcial water well and spring in the vicinity of the city of Apatity. The study results make it possible to determine the migration forms of elements in the natural...

The speciation of chemical elements in water and their possible impact on human health

Svetlana Mazukhina, Pavel Tereshchenko, Svetlana Drogobuzhskaya, Vladimir Pozhilenko
The speciation of chemical elements in groundwaters of Apatity Kirovsky district may affect their bioavailability and toxicity. A complete hydrochemical analysis showed measurable concentrations of uranium, molybdenum, silver, barium, nickel, vanadium, aluminum, and lead, which contributed to a...
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