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Reducing Systems Biology to Practice in Pharmaceutical Company Research; Selected Case Studies

N. Benson, L. Cucurull-Sanchez, O. Demin, S. Smirnov and P. van der Graaf
Reviews of the productivity of the pharmaceutical industry have concluded that the current business model is unsustainable. Various remedies for this have been proposed, however, arguably these do not directly address the fundamental issue; namely, that it is the knowledge required to enable good...
Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, 2012, Volume 736, Part 5, 607-615

Integration not isolation: arguing the case for quantitative and systems pharmacology in drug discovery and development

Balaji M. Agoram and Oleg Demin
Quantitative and systems pharmacology (QSP) is an emerging modelling technique that combines the flexibility of systems biology and tractability of compartmental pharmacokinetic–pharmacodynamic modelling techniques. Historically, there has been extensive use of QSP within the field of...
Drug Discovery Today, 2011, Volume 16, Numbers 23/24, 1031-1036

EI of the Phosphotransferase System of Escherichia coli: Mathematical Modeling Approach to Analysis of Its Kinetic Properties.

Karelina TA, Ma H, Goryanin I, Demin OV.
The mathematical model of the operation of the first enzyme of the Escherichia coli phosphotransferase system, EI, is proposed. Parameters of the kinetic model describing the operation of EI under different conditions are identified on the basis of a large amount of known experimental data. The...
J Biophys. 2011;2011:579402
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