Syed Basith Muzammil

DME, BE, ME, Engineer    /    Индия, Bangalore

Syed Basith Muzammil is a Masters in Mechanical engineerng, specialized in Advanced Material Technology I am in terested in the research of Nano materials for Aerospace applications, Nanomedicines, Electronic Applications etc. For the achievement of success in above said disciplines i need a well equipped platform where in i can study the behavior of different materials in nanoscale and can implement for the desired application which will give the incredible result in the future science world and the innovation can be only for the betterment of mankind and hence helpful for society..

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A study on flexural strength of hybrid polymer composite materials (e glass fibre-carbon fibre-graphite) on different matrix material by varying its thickness

Mr. Syed Basith Muzammil, Mr. M. Nayeem Ahmed, Dr. P. Vijaya Kumar, Dr. H.K. Shivanand
Composite are occupying the place of conventional materials by meeting the requirements of industries of not only in aerospace sector but in automotive, mechanical, space, construction industries and Bio medical applications, but the desire of achieving the higher modulus to density ratio always...

A Study on Effect of Variation of Thickness on Tensile Properties of Hybrid Polymer Composites (Glassfibre-CarbonfibreGraphite) and GFRP Composite

Mr. Syed Basith Muzammil, Mr. M. Nayeem Ahmed , Dr. P. Vijaya Kumar , Dr. H.K. Shivanand
Increase in demand of advanced materials to satisfy the requirements of aerospace and automotive industry viz. high modulus to density ratio, leads to the research in composite materials where an attempt is made to study the properties of composite materials by composing the different...


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Review on Thermal analysis and Acoustic emission analysis of Friction Stir welding

Review on Thermal analysis and Acoustic emission analysis of Friction Stir welding By this experimentation, one can analyse the behavior of material under intense friction and hence heat developed in it, the thermal effect on material, thermal stresses developed hence finding the strength, reliability ad life of the material.. and also Acoustic emission test for any changes in material...

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Best Leader award (2012)
Placement coordinator award (2012)
Young Scientist award (2011)
Best Researcher award (2011)