Dmitry Sergeevich Afanasev

-, аспирант, младший научный сотрудник    /    Россия, Новосибирск


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Effect of Oxygen Adsorption on the Surface Plasmon Resonance of Oxide

D. S. Afanasev, V. F. Anufrienko, S. F. Ruzankin, T. V. Larina, N. I. Kuznetsova, and Corresponding Member of the RAS V. I. Bukhtiyarov
The interest in studying silver dispersed onto various supports has been first of all fueled by the unique catalytic activity of silver in the ethylene epoxidation reaction [1]. Finely dispersed silver catalysts have been recently shown to have high activity in lowtemperature [2] and selective...


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Synthesis and characterization of magnetic and non-magnetic nano materials and stabilizing the pickering emulsion

Study About Sulphuric Acid Catalyst

This project is related to the structural and reactive study about the vanadium pentoxide catalyst used for contact process of sulphuric acid preparation. It was a success to reveal the idea behind the structural changes of the vanadium pentoxide catalyst for the last years.

Прозрачные Металлы

Прозрачная вода имеющая твердость, превышающую твердость известных металлов. Манипуляция траекторией световых частиц при их проходе через твердую непрозрачную металлическую массу.