Kamran Morovati

PhD student    /    Иран, Tehran

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“Mobile voting (chance or challenge)”

Kamran Morovati , Somayeh Izadi
Traditional election has many obscurity and people trust it difficult. Governments try to get dependence in society and it has no way except move to E-democracy. But there is many challenges in it. There are some security requirements such as Performance, Comfortable, Availability, Privacy, and...

A Secure Model for Bluetooth Banking

Kamran Morovati , Somayeh Izadi
Nowadays, customers’ needs are more or less centered on three main axes: to remove the time and location limitations and reduce costs. This is considered an organizational value and is seen in the perspectives and institutional missions of financial organizations. In this paper, a model of...

Basic payload base traffic classification over TCP/IP

Kamran Morovati , Dr.Sanjay Kadam
Identifying and categorizing different types of network traffic and later allocating limited bandwidth and other essential resources to high priority classes, is an important step toward improving performance in today’s computer networks. In this paper, first we will go through concept of...
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Премии и награды

ESG Conference (scientific committee) (2011)
Selected I.T Developer (IMIDRO) (2010)