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A Study on Fokker Planck and Burgers Equations by Space Two Fractional Derivatives

M.G.Fajlul Kareem1 --- A.Divya2 --- P.S. Sehik Uduman3
In this article, we apply Space two fractional derivatives method for solving one, two and three dimensional Fokker Planck Equations using Homotopy-Perturbation Method and also to find the Model of brain tumor using fractional burgers equation

Controlling of heart disease by detecting the threshold value of the fastfood eaters in tamilnadu

A.Divya1, P.S Sehik Uduman2 ,Dowlath Fathima3
Lifestyle modification is one of the risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.Fastfood plays a very important role in the lifestyle modification. Nowadays fast food is one of the essential foods in our day today life mainly in urban areas[12].In this paper, a discussion is made on how much...

FRM(fuzzy relational mapping using hypertension problem faced by adult in tamilnadu)

A.Divya,Dr.P.S.Sheik uduman
Nowadays due to the lifestyle modifications, Hypertension (HP) is commonly found in large number of peoples in Tamilnadu. A similar kind of research has been carried out to examine the living experience of diabetic people in A.Victor Devadoss et.al [1]. In this paper the relation between risk...


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