Santhosh Kumar Suragani

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Elastic modulus of Al–Si/SiC metal matrix composites as a function of volume fraction

S Santhosh Kumar, V Seshu Bai, K V Rajkumar, G K Sharma, T Jayakumar and T Rajasekharan
Aluminum alloy matrix composites have emerged as candidate materials for electronic packaging applications in the field of aerospace semiconductor electronics. Composites prepared by the pressureless infiltration technique with high volume fractions in the range 0.41–0.70 were studied using...

Aluminum matrix composites by pressureless infiltration: the metallurgical and physical properties

S. Santhosh Kumar, V. Seshu Bai and T. Rajasekharan,
Aluminium matrix composites containing a high volume fraction of silicon carbide particulates were produced by the pressureless infiltration technique. The metal matrix composites thus obtained were characterized for phase composition, microstructure, density, porosity and coefficients of thermal...


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