Кристина Клыкова

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Budapest, Hungary/ Kyiv, Ukraine
+38 050 481 22 84
Kristina is an international trade and investment lawyer with a Master of International Law and Economics (MILE) degree from the World Trade Institute, the University of Bern, Switzerland; Ukrainian lawyer with LL.B degree from Odessa National Academy of Law. She is also a certified mediator accredited by American Bar Association. Kristina has worked as the Legal Assistant to the Member of the Ukrainian Parliament since 2010. She also worked at Andriy Kravets & Partners Law Offices, advising on corporate law and dealing with dispute settlement. Kristina participated in the Parliamentary Development Project for Ukraine 2009-2010 (USAID). Here, she worked with the Ministry of Justice, focusing on international legal collaboration, international private law and international legal assistance. Kristina has also attended courses on International Maritime Law, International Business Law, Commercial Arbitration and Capital Markets and she is a member of the European Law Students’ Association, International Law Students’ Association and Ukrainian Bar Association. Kristina is fluent in Russian, Ukrainian and English with the intermediate level of German.


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