Andrey Vladimirovich Elchaninov

MD, PhD    /    Россия, Москва


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Tsurupa street, 3, post code: 117418, Moscow, Russia
+7 495 120 14 56
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Dynamics of Hepatocyte Proliferation in Regenerating Fetal Rat Liver

Elchaninov AV, Bolshakova GB
We studied hepatocyte proliferation in the regenerating liver of 17-day fetuses of outbred albino rats. The animals were sacrificed every 3 h over 2 days after resection of 20% liver. The number of mitoses beyond the zone of injury increased sharply 12 and 24 h after resection. The hepatocyte...

Reparative regeneration of rat fetal liver after partial hepatectomy

Elchaninov AV, Bolshakova GB
A reproducible model of fetal liver regeneration was created. Resection of 20% liver was carried out in rat fetuses on day 17 of prenatal development. The organ weight was restored after 2 days at the expense of an increase in hepatocyte mitotic activity; cell hypertrophy was minor. After...


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Molecular and cellular mechanisms of fetal liver regeneration

Numerous experimental data on mammalian organ regeneration in animals of different age were accumulated by the present time. However, the reparation during the prenatal period remains little studied. Regeneration of the myocardium and skin in rat fetuses is best studied. No data on the compensatory growth of fetal parenchymatous growth were presented, because of methodological diffi culties of...