Oleg L. Figovsky

Ph.D, Director R & D    /    Израиль, Хайфа


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Prof. Oleg L. Figovsky is the founder, Director R&D of International Nanotechnology Research Centre “Polymate”, where he is carrying now many research works in nanostructured corrosion resistant composite materials and protective coatings based on polymer and silicate matrix. In 1982 he elaborated the first nanostructured anticorrosion composite materials based LG-matrix, where nanoparticles are forming during technological process by hydrolysis of TFS. Last his elaborations are nanostructured nonisocyanate polyurethanes, nanocellulose and nanocomposites based on epoxy-rubber binders. Novel nanotechnologies invented by prof. Figovsky were a base for establishing a few of industrial production in USA, Canada, Russia and Israel. He is also the President of IAI (Israel), member of European Academy of Sciences, Foreign Members of two Russian Academies of Sciences (REA & RAACS), the chairman of the UNESCO chair “Green Chemistry”. For few of his inventions in nanotechnologies he received gold and silver medals at the IENA-98 (Nurnberg, Germany). From 1999 he is the editor-in-chief of the journal “Scientific Israel – Technological Advantages” and from 2008 – of the “Open Corrosion Journal”. In 2006 he received the Gold Angel Prize at the “Genious-2006” exhibition and in 2007 NASA Nanotech Briefs®’ Nano 50™ Award, Prof. Figovsky had many times keynote lectures, including for National Investment Banking Association (see at: http://www.nibanet.org/Figovsky-slideshow.html For last ten years prof. Figovsky is a chief scientific adviser for many investment institutions Prof. Figovsky is now Director R&D of US investment and transfer technology company “NanoTech Industries, Inc.”. Prof. Oleg L. Figovsky has more than 500 patents and has published and lectured extensively. He is one of authors of the Encyclopedia of Surface and Colloid Science, (http://www.dekker.com/sdek/issues~db=enc~content=t713172975 In 2008 prof. Figovsky was a chairman at the symposium “Composites and Nanocomposites Prepared by the Super Deep Penetration Method”, during the "International Conference on “Multi-functional Materials and Structures” on 28 – 31 July 2008, in Hong Kong SAR China.- website: http://www.nanochina.cn/english/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=844&Itemid=1 and a chairman at the symposium “Environment Friendly Nanotechnologies” during the NATO workshop “Environmental and Biological Risks of Nanobiotechnology, Nanobionics and Hybrid Organic-Silicon Nanodevices (Silicon vs Carbon) on 18–20 June in St. Petersburg, Russia. Prof. Figovsky was elected as a Presidium member of Russian Nanotechnology Society (2008). During last a few of years prof. Figovsky carrying his reviews as an expert of Israeli Ministry of Industry & Trade (BASHAN program), European Committee (7 framework program) and RusNano (Russia). He is a distinguish professor of Voronezh University (VGASU) and chief scientific adviser of ISA (Israel). In 2009 prof. Figovsky became the VIP-expert of Russian Foundation for small and middle business.

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Buiding materials based on advanced polymer matrix

Oleg Figovsky & Dmitry Beilin
Composite materials, mainly for Civil Engineering, based on Liquid polybutadiene and nonisocyanate polyurethane nanostructured matrices. Application these materials in structures.

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