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13, Thiruvalam Road, Kuppatha mottur, Vellore, Tamilnadu- 632159
im interested in hard working all my times. my aim is to became a great scientist


Biosorption of Cr (VI), Cr (III), Pb (II) and Cd (II) from Aqueous Solutions by Sargassum wightii and Caulerpa racemosa Algal Biomass

Narayanaswamy Tamilselvan, Kumar Saurav, and Krishnan Kannabiran
Heavy metal pollution is one of the most important environmental problems today. Biosorption is an innovative tech- nology that employs biological materials to accumulate heavy metals from waste water through metabolic process or physicochemi- cal pathways of uptake. Even though several physical...

Pharmacognosy of Coccinia grandis: a review

Tamilselvan N , Thirumalai T , Elumalai EK , Balaji R , David E
Traditional system of medicine consists of large number of plants with various medicinal and pharmacological importances and hence represents a priceless tank of new bioactive molecules. Coccinia grandis belongs to the family Cucurbitaceae. It is a rapidly growing, perennial climber or...

Biosorption of selected toxic heavy metals using algal species Acanthopora spicifera

Narayanaswamy Tamilselvan, Kumar Saurav, Krishnan Kannabiran
Occupational exposure of heavy metals and toxins has been shown to produce adverse health effects on humans. Biosorption has emerged as a cost$effective and efficient alternative technology for removal of heavy metals. In the present study the biosorption of heavy...
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