Santosh Singh BHADORIYA

Master in Pharmacy, Assistant Professor (Pharmacology)    /    Индия, Gwalior (M.P.)


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Mig 474 new housing board colony gwalior road morena (M.P.) India
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Want to become a Successful Investigator of herbal anticancer therapy.


Major hurdles for brain tumour therapy and the ways to overcome them: A review

Ankita Thakur, Avinash Gahane, Santosh Singh Bhadoriya et al
Recently several advances have been done for delivery of anticancer agents in brain tumours, but their efficacy is limited due poor penetration through the lipophilic Blood-brain barrier (BBB). Invasive systems including convection enhanced delivery and disruption of BBB though are effective but...
The brain tumour treatment is one of the most challenging area in the field of oncology. The BBB...


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Pharmacological investigation of hydroethanolic extract of mushroom pleurotus florida

project was carried out for screening the Anticancer activity Anti-diabetic activity Antioxidant activity Anti cataract and for antihypercholestremic purpose

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M.Pharmacy (Pharmacology)

30/07 2010, Rajiv gandhi university (Нет описания курса)
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