Chinnadurai S

Ph.D, Post doc fellowship    /    Индия, NEW DELHI


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I am currently looking for post doctoral position where I can explore my knowledge in the field of Molecular Cancer Biology. I have done PhD in Biochemistry and submitted my thesis recently after Pre-PhD viva. I take this opportunity to introduce myself, I am S.Chinnadurai, PhD student under the supervision of Prof.Debi P.Sarkar at Department of Biochemistry, University of Delhi South Campus, New Delhi, India and research work performed under the supervision of Prof.Subrata Sinha (Presently Director, National Brain Research Centre) at Department of Biochemistry, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India. During my PhD, I worked on the thesis entitled "Response of glioblastoma cell lines to potentially cytotoxic agents in normoxic and hypoxic conditions” and my research work involve an investigation of the role of curcumin in the potentiating of cytotoxicity on human glioblastoma cell lines under normoxia and hypoxia. The full pathway of effect of hypoxia on tumor cell is as yet unidentified, so we tried to find out its role in these processes and finally put forward our findings. I have also worked on to elucidate the role of hypoxia in influencing the response to an ROS enhancing agent hydroxylamine. We had seen the nature of cell response to hydroxylamine either singly or in combination with cisplatin. In addition, I have worked on to “Identification and Functional Characterization of a Novel Unspliced Transcript Variant of HIC-1 in Human Cancer Cells Exposed to Adverse Growth Conditions” which has been published in AACR (Mondal et al, Cancer Res 2006; 66: 10466-10477). I am well versed in the techniques of molecular biology, immunological, tissue culture, protein biochemistry, flow cytometry, Real time PCR, epigenetics, and tumour biology. I shall be highly thankful and grateful if you can accommodate me in your lab. I assure you of my sincerity and hard work. Given the opportunity, I am sure I will be able to contribute significantly. I am confident that I would prove to be an asset to your research group. I am herewith enclosing my detailed resume for your kind perusal and will be glad to submit additional information / document, if any required in support of my application. I hope you will find it interesting. I eagerly look forward to an opportunity for evaluation and to be part of your exciting group. Thanks and Regards, S.Chinnadurai,


 Identification and Functional Characterization of a Novel Unspliced Transcript Variant of HIC-1 in Human Cancer Cells Exposed to Adverse Growth Conditions.

Mondal AM, Chinnadurai S, Datta K, Chauhan SS, Sinha S, Chattopadhyay P
The wild-type p53 gene has been widely implicated in the regulation of hypermethylated in cancer-1 (HIC-1) transcription, a master growth regulatory gene with multiple promoters and, consequently, multiple alternatively spliced transcripts. We investigated the role of p53 (wild type and mutant,...


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Июл 2006 — н.в. Ph D Scholar — Delhi university(INDIA)

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“Modulation of curcumin responsive pathways by hypoxia: a study in glial cells”

Malignant glioma is an intractable cancer of the human brain. In spite of recent advances in medical technologies, malignant glioma is refractory to current and alternative therapies. The response of the tumor is very often quite different from what is observed in vitro, a probable reason being the culture conditions in vitro do not exactly match the in vivo conditions. In the first part of the...