Ramil M. Khusnutdinoff

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Molecular dynamics of liquid lead near its melting point

R.M. Khusnutdinoff, A.V. Mokshin and R.M. Yulmetyev
The molecular dynamics of liquid lead is simulated at T = 613 K using the following three models of an interparticle interaction potential: the Dzugutov pair potential and two multiparticle potentials (the “glue” potential and the Gupta potential). One of the purposes of this work is to...

The study of dynamic singularities of seismic signals by the generalized Langevin equation

Renat Yulmetyev, Ramil Khusnutdinoff, Timur Tezel, Yildiz Iravul, Bekir Tuzel, Peter H\"anggi
Analytically and quantitatively we reveal that the GLE equation, based on a memory function approach, in which memory functions and information measures of statistical memory play fundamental role in determining the thin details of the stochastic behavior of seismic systems, naturally conduces...

Analysis of the dynamics of liquid aluminium: recurrent relation approach

Mokshin A.V., Yulmetyev R.M., Khusnutdinoff R.M. and H\"anggi P.
With this work we study the microscopic dynamics of liquid aluminium at T=973K and develop the theoretical model which satisfies all corresponding sum rules. The investigation covers the inelastic features as well as the crossover of our theory into the hydrodynamical and the free-particle...