Vijay Madhukarrao Sarode

PhD(Statistics), MSc(Statistics), CPS, Head, Dept of Mathematics and Statistics, Associate Professor of Statistics    /    Индия, Mumbai

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Dr. VIJAY M. SARODE, Head, Dept of Mathematics and Statistics, Associate Professor of Statistics, Mulund College of Commerce, Mulund(West), Mumbai-400080. INDIA.
+91 22 2560 0017
Дом. телефон: +91 22 2582 6143
Author has been working in the Mulund College of Commerce, Mumbai as Associate Professor of Statistics, (Dept of Statistics, Mathematics and Computer since 1982) and since then teaching to the undergraduate courses in Statistics, Mathematics &Computer and has taught Compu-math to the Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science & Applications (DCSA) course of Department of Computer Science of Mumbai University for 4 years. Author has completed his Ph.D. in Statistics under the guidance of Dr. M. B. Joshi, Associate Professor, Department of P.S.M., Govt. Medical College, Aurangabad, India. His thesis(research)topic is "Awareness of Health Care among Women in Slums in Greater Mumbai" Research Interest Author's major area of research interest is Statistics, Demography/Population Sciences and Social Sciences and specialization in Morbidity, Mortality, Reproductive and Child Health, ANC, PNC, Immunization, awareness of HIV/AIDS among slum dwellers.

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Low Immunization among Children in Slums in Mumbai

V M Sarode
This paper examines utilization of immunization services available to the children in slums in Mumbai. The present study is based on the primary data, collected using cluster sampling of sample size of 433 reproductive women who have given at least one live birth prior to the survey. The SLI was...
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Научные и исследовательские проекты

Involvement of Youth in Preventing HIV/AIDS especially in Slums

was funded by the University of Mumbai, India during the year 2007-2008

Reproductive Morbidity among Adolescent Women in Slums in Mumbai

This Minor research project was awarded as "Consolation Prize" in a seminar conducted by the University of Mumbai in September 2005. This minor research project was funded by the University of Mumbai, India during the year 2004-05 and it was guided by Dr. C.P. Prakasam, Professor, Department of Morbidity and Mortality, IIPS, Mumbai, India.

Премии и награды

Travel Grants Award – UGC, New Delhi. (100%) (2010)
Travel Grants Award – Sir Ratan Tata Trust, Mumbai, India (2009)
Travel Grants Award –University of Mumbai & Sir Dorabji Tata Trust, Mumbai, India. (2009)
Travel Grants Award - Wellcome Trust, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs & the WHO East Mediterranean Regional Office (EMRO). (2008)
Fellow, The Royal Statistical Society, London, U.K. (2008). (2008)
Consolation Prize - Minor Research Project. (2005)
Government of India Fellowship (1982) (1990)
University Merit Scholarship (1980) (1990)

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