Людмила Островская

Doctoral St., Assistant Professor    /    Испания, Alicante

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Dr. Liudmila Ostrovskaya is a professor of Marketing and Strategic Managment at UCAM (Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia, Spain). She got a Degree in Economics from University of Alicante and a PhD in Marketing and Strategic Managment from University Miguel Hernandez (Spain). She has taught at University Miguel Hernandez as Assistant Professor and she is a lecture at different MBA and Master programs. She has published several research articles in international marketing journals. She has worked in the private sector in International Trade and Marketing, being Director of Marketing during 10 years, as well as Strategic Marketing Consultant during 3 years. As consultant, she has cooperated with spanish, german and russian companies.

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A redefined measure of the tendency to use brand name in purchasing decisions

Francisco José Sarabia-Sánchez and Liudmila Ostrovskaya
The literature on brands has focused on the importance and determinants of their use by consumers and the implications brands have for firms. However, many studies that ana- lyze the tendency of consumers to use the brand name in their purchasing decisions (TBN) do not use any scales that have...

Ethnocentrism effect on the tendency to use the brand name in purchasing decisions. An application to the case of shoe industry in Spain and Russia.

Liudmila Ostrovskaya & Francisco José Sarabia-Sánchez
this paper analyzes the extent to which the tendency to use the Brand name (tBn) is affected by consumers ethnocentrism (Cet) and is intended to determine whether this influence varies depending on the age or sex. this uses a Web-based survey conducted in two countries (spain and Russia), using...
citación: ostrovskaya, l. & sarabia-sanchéz, F. J. (2013). efecto del etnocentrismo sobre...

Effect of materialism on the use of the brand name in purchasing decisions from a cross-cultural perspective

Ostrovskaya L. y Sarabia-Sánchez F.J
The effect of materialism on consumers’ tendency to use the brand name (TBN) as the main criterion in purchasing decisions is analysed along with how this can change depending on the main socio-demographic variables (sex and age). Data from Russian and Spanish consumers are analysed in final...
Ostrovskaya L. y Sarabia-Sánchez F.J., 2013, "Effect of materialism on the use of the brand...
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