Dilip Khemji Jani

B.A.M.S., M.D. (Gold Medal) PhD, Associate Professor    /    Индия, Anand, Gujarat


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I am an energetic and focused professional with insight into various aspects of Educational, Clinical, Fundamental and validation Research Industry. I have an optimum knowledge in these work areas and committed for consistent growth. My organization skills, attention to detail, strong work ethic and a capacity to anticipate needs and problems has allowed me to enjoy these challenges. I am habituated to social/customer/administrative service profession with more than ten years experience in providing exceptional support to the organizations. I previously worked as ‘Research Associate’ in ‘Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (CSIR), Hyderabad, Government of India. I was associated in a project ‘Herbal Based Preparation for Degenerative Metabolic Disorders- Diabetes, Arthritis and Hepatitis–HerboPrintTM-NMITLI’. I also participated in “Development of Standard Operating Procedures of compound Ayurvedic, Siddha and Unani Formulations and their Pharmacopoeial Standards”, sponsored by Department of AYUSH (ISM&H). I have a capacity to carryout research (Clinical / Standardization/ Basic) in various areas of Ayurveda and allied sciences focusing to extract patent information and re-modulating the same in entire different fashion for social and commercial use. I had the privilege of being Research Fellow from IICT and Educator, Research Investigator & Management Representative (ISO 9001-2008) from presently servicing Ayurveda College. I am seeking to utilize my experience, skills and contribution to build a respectable position for Ayurveda in financial free atmosphere. I believe these experiences in inventory, planning, cross-training and completion of assigned work in speculated time as an essence will definitely fruitful for desired dreams. Anyone who is visionary, dare to change the direction of tables, crate new standards, turns the spheres of thoughts I love to be the part of his/her achievements. I invite ideas, suggestions and remarks for consistent growth in me and please feel free to contact me.

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‘Gold Medal’ of ‘Ayurveda Visharada Late Jatavallabhula Laxminarayana Sastry Memorial Academy of Ayurveda, Kakinada, for ‘The Best thesis and Research Work’ in the subject Dravyaguna 2003-04. (2004)