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Four distances between pairs of amino acids provide a precise description of their interaction

Cohen M, Potapov V, Schreiber G.
The three-dimensional structures of proteins are stabilized by the interactions between amino acid residues. Here we report a method where four distances are calculated between any two side chains to provide an exact spatial definition of their bonds. The data were binned into a four-dimensional...

Assessing computational methods for predicting protein stability upon mutation: good on average but not in the details

Potapov V, Cohen M, Schreiber G.
Methods for protein modeling and design advanced rapidly in recent years. At the heart of these computational methods is an energy function that calculates the free energy of the system. Many of these functions were also developed to estimate the consequence of mutation on protein stability or...

Computational redesign of a protein-protein interface for high affinity and binding specificity using modular architecture and naturally occurring template fragments

Potapov V, Reichmann D, Abramovich R, Filchtinski D, Zohar N, Ben Halevy D, Edelman M, Sobolev V, Schreiber G.
A new method is presented for the redesign of protein-protein interfaces, resulting in specificity of the designed pair while maintaining high affinity. The design is based on modular interface architecture and was carried out on the interaction between TEM1 beta-lactamase and its inhibitor...
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