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Building Interfacial Nanostructures by Size-controlled Chemical Etching

P.M. Boltovets, S.A. Kravchenko, B.A. Snopok
Development of soft chemical processes for the synthesis of interfacial architectures with well-defined structural nano-motifs organized over large areas in two dimensions is an important branch of nanotechnology. The present study deals with the fabrication of gold nanostructures using...
Plasmonics 2010, 5, (4), 395-403.

Detection of plant viruses using a surface plasmon resonance via complexing with specific antibodies

Boltovets P.M., Snopok B.A., Boyko V.R., Shevchenko T.P., Dyachenko N.S., Shirshov Yu.M
The use of instrumental systems based on the surface plasmon resonance (SPR) for rapid diagnosis of intact plant viruses (in particular, tobacco mosaic virus (TMV)) is considered. A new approach using detection of viral antigen and antibody (IgG) complexes formed during the preincubation step...
Journal of virological methods, 2004. – V121. – P.101-106.


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