Somnath Ghosh

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Indian institute of Science, SSCU-dept, Bangalore-560012
I am somnath Ghosh, currently pursuing PhD at Indian Instiute of Science, Bangalore, India.

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1.5 V driven reduced graphene oxide-silver nanostructure coated carbon foam (rGO-Ag-CF) for the purification of drinking water.

S. Kumar, Somnath Ghosh, N. Munichandriaih, H.N. Vasan
A porous carbon foam electrode (CF) modified with reduced graphene oxide-Ag (rGO-Ag) nanocomposite has been fabricated to purify water. It can perform as an antibacterial device by killing pathogenic microbes with the aid of a 1.5 V battery with very little power consumption. The device is...

Zinc Oxide Modified Au Electrode as Sensor for an Efficient Detection of Hydrazine

Wajeeha Sultana, Somnath Ghosh, B. Eraiah
ZnO nanoparticles (ZnO NPs) prepared by microwave heating technique are used to modify a gold electrode (ZnO/Au) for the hydrazine detection study. The synthesized product is well characterized by various techniques. Detailed electrochemical investigation of the oxidation of hydrazine on the...

Ag@AgI, Core@Shell Structure in Agarose Matrix as Hybrid: Synthesis, Characterization, and Antimicrobial Activity

Somnath Ghosh, A. Saraswathi, S. S. Indi, S. L. Hoti and H. N. Vasan
A novel in situ core@shell structure consisting of nanoparticles of Ag (Ag Nps) and AgI in agarose matrix (Ag@ AgI/agarose) has been synthesized as a hybrid, in order to have an efficient antibacterial agent for repetitive usage with no toxicity. The synthesized core@shell structure is very well...
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Научные и исследовательские проекты

Application of biocompatible metal and metal oxide nanoparticles towards the disinfection of drinking water.

We want develop a nanoparticle impregnated filter for water disinfection