Tamil Selvan Anthony Muthu

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The University of British Columbia
Post doctoral resesrch fellow

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Localization and characterization of prolipoprotein diacylglyceryl transferase (Lgt) critical in bacterial lipoprotein biosynthesis

Selvan AT, Sankaran K.
Lipid modification of proteins is an essential post-translational event that can be targeted for protein engineering and pharmaceutical applications. In this regard, the unique and ubiquitous bacterial N-terminal lipid modification (N-acyl S-diacylglyceryl modification of N-terminal cysteine) is...

A database of bacterial lipoproteins (DOLOP) with functional assignments to predicted lipoproteins

Babu MM, Priya ML, Selvan AT, Madera M, Gough J, Aravind L, Sankaran K.
Lipid modification of the N-terminal Cys residue (N-acyl-S-diacylglyceryl-Cys) has been found to be an essential, ubiquitous, and unique bacterial posttranslational modification. Such a modification allows anchoring of even highly hydrophilic proteins to the membrane which carry out a variety of...


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Окт 2010 — н.в. Post doctoral resesrch fellow — The University of British Columbia
Янв 2010 — н.в. Associate Scientist — Kemin industries Southasia Pvt. Ltd
Янв 2009 — Дек 2009 Research Associate — Anna university