Kaviyarasu Kasinathan

Ph.D.,, Senior Researcher    /    Индия, Chennai


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Synthesis And Characterization Studies of Semiconductor Metal oxide Nanocrystals - My research area in the field of “Material Science / Physics / Nanotechnology (i.e. Carbon materials, Hybrid/composite materials, Porous Materials, Oxide Materials, Hard & Soft Materials)”. A versatile background in III-nitride semiconductors, optoelectronics, metal organic chemical vapor deposition, nanomaterials, device physics, device modeling, semiconductor device design, processing, and testing, optical spectroscopies, transmission electron microscopy, e-beam lithography, ultra-high vacuum systems, and nanophotonics.

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“A facile hydrothermal route to synthesize novel PbI2 nanorods”,

K. Kaviyarasu
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Junior Research Fellowship awarded in Department of TNSCST (2010)