Евгения Эдуардовна Семенина

Кандидат биологических наук    /    Россия, Москва


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Trophic fractionation (Δ15N) in Collembola depends on nutritional status and on δ15N in the diet: a laboratory experiment and mini-review

EE Semenina, AV Tiunov
The stable isotope analysis became a major tool in soil food weds studies. A shift in δ15N value of 3.4‰ is generally suggested as a mean enrichment in 15N per trophic level. However trophic fractionation is not uniform across different animal taxa and different tissues, and varies with a...

Isotopic fractionation by saprotrophic microfungi:Effects of species,temperature and the age of colonies

E.E. Semenina, A.V. Tiunov
Saprotrophic fungi represent an important resource for a number of fungivorous and omnivorous soil animals,but little is known about the patterns of isotopic fractionation by soil fungi.We grew five common species of saprotrophic microfungi in laboratory cultures on simple artificial substrate...


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